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  • I don't like the latest technical updates and the uncommunicated price increase

    Von Snowleopard <3
    I've been using Tapas for a long time and have always been a big fan and have enjoyed it a lot and loved to recommend it. There was a big update some time ago where many features were redesigned. Previously, your favorites were displayed in a field if you read them a lot/regularly and if a new chapter was published, now you get random & new stories displayed and have to search for your favorite stories every time. Unfortunately, loyal readers are punished with the latest updates. If you buy the latest chapter every week you no longer get a 20% discount with the 1-tap but only 10% if you wait at least 9 weeks/chapter you can get more % if you buy all chapters as a package. And the chapter prices have been raised significantly. Unfortunately, tapas didn't communicate this change and price increase to me in any way shape or form, I found out about it in the comments of a story from other readers. I will probably only continue to follow a few selected stories and drop many others that I have read from time to time in order to stay within my budget. I have nothing against changes and rising prices, but this poor communication and the fact that there is zero transparency bothers me a lot, as does the poorer navigation and endless searching. (One exception: the weekday overview of when which story is updated , i really like that). The storys i can still recommend without a doubt, because they are great and there is something for everyone, but tapas as a app and everything that goes along with it , unfortunately only in a very limited form. I will probably look for an alternativ and only only keep reading a few tapas originals in the long run. I‘m really disappointed…
  • Too expensive

    Von SabrinaTruppel
    I used to watch a lot of ads to earn ink and would buy a lot of episodes… Now you can only earn about 300 ink a day with the events and it expires so fast… it really ruined the app… Not to mention the WUF that used to be permanent and now are only 72hrs
  • give us back our ads 😭

    Von Breanz.
    I really love the selection tapas offers, but the fact that the chapters are quite expensive and you can't earn ink anymore with ads is a really massive downgrade.
  • To expensive

    Von Citro0418
    I've been using the app for a long time and have already paid a lot of money to read the great stories. But what justifies increasing the chapters from 300 to 450 coins since the last update?
  • Persönliche Sicherheit

    Von Gigiii0.0
    Wenn man die free coins mit Umfragen oder sowas macht kommt bei mir das ich mein Standort und alles preisgeben muss. Ich habe irgendwas angegeben aber da Stande das das das nicht stimmt und will garnicht wissen woher die des wissen… Ich finde das alles langsam gruselig auch wenn die Storys an sich manchmal echt schön sind :( habe die App direkt gelöscht. Kann mir jemand sagen ob dieses Wissen über private Dinge normal sein soll ?
  • just no

    Von Liii_Naaaaaaaaa
    Die neuen Änderungen sind einfach jur schrecklich und nur auf Profit und Geld aus. Danke für nichts. ich geh zu Tappytoon.
  • Good luck

    Von TaDi789
    Since the recent update (removal of the ad section) their service isn’t appealing - at least for me. Its not easy to meet the expectations of readers since the requests are different of every single one. Reading should be fun and don't make you salty. The potential was there but they decided a different direction.
  • New design is bad

    Von MallClient
    used to live the app but the new design makes it look bad and I struggle to find anything now. Very cluttered
  • Bitte endlich auf Deutsch!!!

    Von ladynesquic
    Please make German language!!!
  • Great but the new design sucks

    Von Lizy-chaaan
    I really really love this app! However the new design makes it very cramped and confusing. Will still use it to support the artists of course
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